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2008 SIXPACK CAMPER $13,999. Six-Pac Truck Camper for Full Size Short Bed w/Rear Shower Room w/Toilet and Sink, Rear Corner U-Shaped Dinette/Bed w/Overhead Storage & Bunk, 2 Burner Stove, Pre-Wired for Microwave, TV Shelf, Kitchen Sink, 3 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator, Front Queen Bed, Wardrobe w/Storage, Overhead Storage and More!Take a look at the picture showing the fold down bed over the dinette.

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Used Six-Pac RVs : Browse Six-Pac RVs for sale on View our entire inventory of New Or Used RVs and even a few new non-current models. Top Six-Pac Models. (1)SIX-PAC D650. close.

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Hopefully someone with direct experience with a Six-Pac camper will comment. In the meantime.. Some interesting background info from 2007 ---> Truck Camper Magazine article: Four Wheel, Six Pac, and One Man Also: I recently ran onto this ---> There's still a Six-Pac web site with manuals and contact info (as of today). Edited by Old Crow, 14 May 2019 - 11:21 AM.

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Average selling price used Six Pac Truck Camper. A used Six-Pac truck camper can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. Prices can vary widely depending on the age, condition, and additional features of the specific unit. Six-Pac truck campers are known for their high-quality construction and compact design.

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Entering the recreational product marketplace in the 1960s, Six-Pac developed a range of truck campers. Experienced in the construction of truck campers for full-sized and compact truck beds, Six-Pac were constructed on a foundation of comfort as well as quality. In 2012, Six-Pac entered into a production hiatus as they are preparing to build a.

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SIX PAC Camper For Sale ForSale.Plus

It was then that Tom Hanagan, then President of Six-Pac Campers, explained that this location made the revolutionary D650 floor plan possible. Move that refrigerator to the main area and the entire design unravels. For the Six-Pac D650, and the Lance 650 it inspired (among others), it's all about placing the refrigerator in the cabover.

2001 Six Pac Camper D650 World

What made the Six-Pac camper so good? The quality, all-wood construction, consisting of kiln Douglass Fur, mahogany, and plywood. The fact that the camper was generally small and lightweight also helped with its appeal. According to NADA, only three floor plans were made by Six-Pac: the T100S, for mid-size trucks; the 650, for full-size trucks.

2001 Six Pac Camper D650 World

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"I have owned a 1973 Dreamer 11′ camper, a 1971 Six-Pac 8 foot camper, a 1975 Six-Pac model 96, a 1982 Six-Pac 6.5 foot self-contained camper, a 1986 Lance 11'3″ model 900, and my current 1988 Lance 11'3″ model 780 camper. I still have my 1975 Perris Valley, but it is not in good condition.

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Six-Pac is known in the compact-camper arena for having a well-rounded catalog of self-contained, slide-in campers that until recently have kept a pretty low profile in the off-road scene. However.

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According to Tom Hanagan, president and owner of Six-Pac Campers, Inc. of Riverside, California, "What we've done is take the classic California truck-camper — the Six-Pac — and updated it to meet the diverse needs and demands of the modern camper consumer." Referring to the midseason release of the company's redesigned truck campers, Hanagan, who.

2001 Six Pac Camper D650 World

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2006 D650 Six Pac camper. $8,500. scotts valley 1999 Short/Long Bed Lance Lite 815 8'.6" Slide in Cabover Camper. $9,500. Vacaville / Sacramento LANCE10.9" - 4 SEASON CAMPER - ELECTRIC JACKS, SOLAR, SELF CONTAINED. $8,800. VACAVILLE / SACRAMENTO LANCE CAMPER -ELECTRIC JACKS, SOLAR, AC, HEATER, BATH, KITCHEN, FRIDGE.

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In fact, it may be the most customized truck camper we've ever seen. Above: Bear's 1996 Ford F-350, 1997 Six-Pac, and 1977 Merhow horse trailer. TCM: Tell us about your Six-Pac's custom interior. Bear: The Six-Pac was originally built as a one-of-a-kind shell in 1997.

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Four Wheel, Six Pac, and One Man. By Angela White. Posted on June 1, 2007. Tom Hanagan, President and Owner of Four Wheel and Six-Pac Campers. If you had told Tom Hanagan in 1999 that he would own not one, but two truck camper manufacturing companies in 2007, he might of thought you were nuts. Now in 2007, Tom would be the first to tell you.