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Place the Santa magic key and Santa key poem out on Christmas Eve in a safe space where Santa can see it. Make sure to leave Santa a note, cookies, and even a Christmas coloring page as a thank you. On Christmas Eve, Saint Nick will be able to open the door with the magic key and come inside!

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Santa's key is the solution to this architectural dilemma by providing magic means for Santa to open your door on Christmas Eve. Children in apartments, condos, townhouses, trailers, and tents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they won't be passed up by the Man in Red. Santa's Key Supply List Metal or wood skeleton key White Yarn

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What is Santa's Magic Key? For children who live in homes without a chimney the subject of Santa can cause great distress. Santa's key is the solution to this architectural dilemma by providing magic means for Santa to open your door on Christmas Eve.

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This gorgeous Santa's Key and Tag features a lovely poem and key for your children to cut out and leave for Santa. This stops the worry of not having a chimney. You could add it to the children's Christmas bags from school or even a Christmas eve box for your own children. Twinkl Key Stage 1 - Year 1, Year 2 Educational Resources Related Searches

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2. Santa Key Poem for Child. Worry not, sweet little one. That Santa might not come. For there's no reason yet to fret -No reason to be glum! For here is a magic key. That works one night a year, It lets Santa Claus through the door. To leave your presents here! 3. Santa Key Poem for Santa Claus. You may have noticed, Santa Claus, There's.

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Santa's Key Poems - The Idea Door With these poems tie a bow using the holiday print ribbon around the top of the skeleton key. Tie a loop out of the cording so that you are able to hang the key over a door knob. And hook it to the card. View and Pick from the different printables at this link (see below to preview them and see the poem) Dear Santa

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With a magic key of course!! Attach my Santa's Magic Tag printable to an old key, and Santa will sprinkle his magic to let himself in! Affiliate Disclosure We have included affiliate links to valuable products and services related to the topic of this post.

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SANTA'S MAGIC KEY - This special Christmas key lets Santa in through the front door if you don't have a chimney or a fireplace. You can make Santa's key yourself with this easy tutorial and print the poem that goes along with it! How does Santa get in on Christmas Eve if you live in an apartment or a house that doesn't have a chimney?

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Close your eyes and close them tight, 'Cause Santa Claus is coming tonight. santas key03.pdf 905.05 KB. Santa's Key. Santa's Key. "Santa, this old key is a magical kind. and we're leaving it out for you to find. Cause just for you, tonight, it will open any door, so you won't have to slide down chimneys anymore!

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Use tweezers to help remove any of the small pieces if needed. Cut a length of grosgrain ribbon approximately 6โ€ณ long. Use the jewelry pliers to add a 10mm jump ring to the key. Loop the ribbon in half, and feed the loop through the front of the tag. Slide the key ring over one of the ribbon ends on the front side.

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Santa's Magic Key Poem If you or someone you know lives in a house without a chimney, share the secret of Santa's Magic Key with them! For this project, you will need: An extra key Golden glitter foam or scrapbook paper Glue Ribbon Scissors Hole Puncher The free Santa's Magic Key Poem

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Dec 142011 For those without a fireplace, it can be scary to wonder how Santa will get into your home to leave presents. If you haven't heard, Santa's magic can allow him into your home with any ol' key, so feel free to download our Santa's Magic Key poem to attach to an old key and leave for Santa so he can get in and do his thing;)

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- Rustic Orchard Home Santa's Magic Key Ornament - DIY Instructions and FREE Printable! by Tammy Graves | Dec 6, 2019 | DIY | 2 comments Create a new Christmas family tradition with Santa's Magic Key! Let me show you how to DIY your own key with a FREE printable and full instructions.

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