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12 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts the Whole Family Will Love Reduce, reuse, redecorate! By Katelyn Lunders Published: Nov 28, 2017 Save Article Use Arrow Keys to Navigate View Gallery 12 Slides Never toss a toilet paper roll in the trash again. These creative crafts are a fun and easy way to make the most out of this household item.

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7. Cardboard Roll Easter Bunny. Credit: Make your Easter celebration extra fun with this adorable toilet paper roll Easter Bunny. It's fun and straightforward, and the kids can do it on their own. If you want your craft to look like the bunny in the photo, use this printable template.

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Cute Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids These crafts are a fun and easy way to keep your kid entertained. They will not only expose them to their innate creative side but also teach them about the importance of recycling the usual everyday waste materials. Here is a list of toilet paper tubes crafts for you and your kids to enjoy making together. 1.

20 Fun Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Kids Will Love to Make

All you need to do is spread peanut butter on your toilet paper tubes, roll them on a plateful of bird seeds, and slip them onto tree branches. Easy! The fun part is waiting for your flying friends to take notice and enjoy their treat.

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All you need to craft these neat little tree ornaments are some toilet paper rolls, scissors, pencils, a ruler, a hot glue gun, glue, paint, and other decorative material. Simply prepare and cut the rolls before designing the snowflakes to achieve perfect results! 2. Fire Starters. Source:

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79 Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts the Kids will Love to Make! Loo Rolls | Recycling Time to bring our Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts from over the years together in one place. From TP Roll Puppets, to play scenes, rocks and gift boxes.. you will find an ecclectic mix of craft ideas for the humble toilet paper roll!

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3. Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft. This toilet paper roll octopus would be a great rainy day craft! Make an octopus easily using a toilet paper roll, crayons, markers, and construction paper! 4. Penguin Paper Tube Craft. Cute penguin craft! Penguins are super cute and one of the more easy crafts.

Toilet Paper Roll Thanksgiving Crafts

TP Roll Bird Feeders (from Attachment Mummy) These simple bird feeders are the ideal way to introduce even the youngest children to watching and feeding the birds in their garden. Get kids interested in the natural world and they will care more about it while getting involved in caring for the wildlife in their patch.

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How to make Ladybug Toilet Paper Craft. Begin by cutting a piece of paper the same width as your paper towel roll. Wrap paper roll in paper, secure with glue or tape. Cut a small triangle out of your cupcake liner. You may need to make the whole wrapper smaller depending on the size of your paper roll. Draw black spots on your cupcake liner.

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25+ Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids [Free Templates] 6 Comments All activities require adult supervision. By using this site, you agree to our terms of use. shares If you're always saving used cardboard tubes, you're going to want to check out all of these easy toilet paper roll crafts for kids!

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1. Toilet Paper Roll Angels How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Angel Watch on When you're having one of those days where nothing seems to be going right, and you can hear your 5-year old screaming from the other room, you have no choice but to wing it. And wing it you shall - with these toilet paper roll angels!

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Wow! These toilet paper roll snowflakes are so so pretty! I love upcycled crafts that are gorgeous and these would be perfect for ornaments to gift toppers. Rainbow Toilet Roll Fish Well, aren't these just adorable?! Toilet paper fish are the perfect rainy day kids craft! Paper roll swan craft


Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly. Spring is a great time to break out the craft supplies for bug crafts. One of our favorite spring crafts is this butterfly toilet paper roll craft. This craft is simple and only requires a few materials. It includes a free butterfly template to help you make the wings and belly to attach the empty cardboard tube.

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1. The Buzzing Bee Toilet Paper Roll Craft Have the kids make a buzzing bee! This is a fun one that can either be made by painting the toilet rolls or wrapping them with collage paper. Check out the toilet paper roll bee craft tutorial >> 2. Black Cats

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1. Rainbow Windsock Source This rainbow windsock craft is adorable and easy to make so it's a perfect craft for kids. Once it's finished the kids can play with it outside too or they can hang it up and watch it sway in the wind. Supplies: Toilet paper roll Blue paint White paper Scissors Black marker Tissue paper in rainbow colors

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Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids. 150+ Genius Ideas For Cardboard Tubes! By Mary Leigh » These easy craft ideas using TP rolls are the perfect way to recycle your empty cardboard tubes while keeping your kids entertained with fun projects. Total win-win!