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What does Nothing Personal, Kid mean? The phrase Nothing Personal, Kid is something one says after teleporting behind someone, right before killing them. Online, it is part of a copypasta meme series, that is especially popular among anime fans, Weebs and Otakus.

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*Teleports behind you*I now have a Buy Me a Coffee page #EldenRing #Comfy

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Teleportation Tactics Applied in Apex Legends: Nothing Personnel, Kid. A spellbinding, humorous analysis of player maneuvers within the popular game - Apex Legends, based on an exciting post from an online community.. a user 'yull1e' demonstrated an impressive teleportation maneuver that was nothing short of dramatic. *teleports behind.

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The *Teleports Behind You* Nothing Personal, Kid caption is a copypasta meme that is generally employed to mockingly subtitle pictures of young men wielding katanas or other mall ninja weaponry ().But it's also used in an oblique manner- especially in video game streams. A Classic Example. Teleports behind youโ€ฆ from Cringetopia In terms of where it came from, according to KnowYourMeme, the.

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About *Teleports Behind You* Nothing Personal, Kid is a copypasta commonly used to mockingly caption photographs of young men wielding katanas or other bladed weapons. The word "personal" is often intentionally misspelled as "personnel" or "personel." Origin

Nothing personnel kid

"Nothing personal, kid" is a rough equivalent to "don't get offended" or "don't take this too seriously." The phrase is commonly associated with photos of young men with some kind of bladed weapon (such as a sword or knife) "teleporting" behind someone else, with the intention of attaching them.

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11 11 comments Add a Comment Ausfall โ€ข 7 yr. ago "psh. nothin personnel. kid" is a meme phrase that originated from an image depicting a fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog character by the name of Coldsteel the Hedgeheg . Almost everything about it is. well, memorable in some way. I recommend looking at the image in question.

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Plus, the idea that said character would use a power not actually contained in that universe (the character is a blatant power fantasy) to have absolute power and authority against pretty much every character in the universe, while immediately saying the grammatically wrong nonsense "nothin personnel [long pause] kid" every single time reveals.

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Pretty sure the "nothing personnel" part is a purposefully misspelled Sonic quote from one of the Sonic Adventure games. It was probably the second one since it was edgier. [Here's the Know your memes page] ( if you want more info. โ€ข OC=Oxi-clean?

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The first i seen of "nothing personal kid" comes from as other has said in this thread from the Sonic fan character Coldsteel the hedgeheg. the two phrases are usually combined because they share a common theme of being "edgy" and immature.

*teleports behind you* โ€œNothing personnel, kid" )

Something you say after you teleport behind someone, especially with a melee weapon in hand. *teleports behind you * Nothing personnel, kid . (It is then implied here that they get stabbed or something) by speedycube64 August 14, 2018 Get the nothing personnel, kid mug. nothing personnel, kid

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That's a pretty clean move Clip from

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