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Or if you really have a lot of space, go over the top and have back to back chaise lounges 🙂. 4. TV at a right angle to the fireplace. In this furniture arrangement, the TV and the fireplace are at right angles to each other. Then there is seating arranged to face both them - two sofas in this case.

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Framed Wall-Mounted TV above Wood-Burning Fireplace. This is a great space for entertaining with classic vibes. The living room is filled with classic touches like a fireplace, hardwood floors, and a vaulted ceiling that give it a welcoming feel. Photo by CMR Interiors & Design Consultations Inc.

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9 Living Room with Fireplace and TV Layout Ideas. 1. TV Above the Fireplace. The easiest and most common layout is to put your TV above the fireplace. This way, you can make the most of both by cozying up to the fire while watching your favorite movie. This idea saves floor space as you won't have to invest in a TV unit.

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Place Your TV in a Corner. An empty corner is an excellent spot for a tv. When you place your tv in the corner, it looks tucked away rather than competing for attention with the fireplace. If you have a small to mid-sized living room, this is one of the best tv placement options. Just make sure to use a corner tv stand that blends with the rest.

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If you are a renter or not renovating and your fireplace is taking center stage, you can put your TV to the side over a credenza. In Arlyn's rental, she had a fireplace in her living room and the fireplace was too high and too close to the sofa for a TV to be installed over the mantel. She opted to place a credenza to the side and mount her.

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Melanie Acevedo. A TV mounted over the fireplace is a classic living room setup. Here, the wires run through the wall behind the TV, so no electrical components are visible. Adding style to the TV wall, a narrow mantel below the screen holds a collection of seashells, while built-in shelves on either side sport a mustard yellow paint job for a bright pop of color.

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If you need more ideas for living rooms with both a fireplace and TV set up, here are 20 beautiful living rooms with TV setups for you to view. Image via Image via Image via Image via Image via

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35 Ways to Make the TV Over a Fireplace Look Better, With Expert Tips. Create a dual-purpose entertainment center by hanging a flat-screen TV above a fireplace mantel or directly on the wall above the firebox on a mantel-free fireplace wall. Be sure to adapt the size of the TV to the size of your fireplace so that it doesn't dominate the space.

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To stop the TV from distracting you from a calm space, place it above the fireplace on the wall and invest in a Smart TV or a TV that can display artwork when it is turned off. This can help keep the room quiet, casual and reflective. 5. The Eclectic Living Room.

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Next to the gray fireplace wall is a statement indoor plant. Moreover, the potted greenery on the square ottoman and side table carve a cohesive, finished feeling. 9. Mismatched Yet Magnificent. Abundant fireplace wall ideas with TVs make many homeowners feel overwhelmed.

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4. Hang a mirror above the fireplace. Photography/Richard Powers. (Image credit: Future) Living room mirrors are a popular choice to place above a fireplace, allowing extra light to bounce around a small living room - even when the lights are down low - to allow the fireplace to shine bright.

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Gas - 12 inches. Wood - 20 inches. Length: Choose a TV screen size that has almost the same width as the fireplace to maintain a symmetrical and proportional look. Height and Angle: Comfort in viewing the TV screen for prolonged hours is a priority when deciding the position of the TV.

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Sometimes using the same colors and materials throughout an entire room makes it feel stiff and pristine rather than a place for relaxed socializing. 15. Mantle-Mounted TV. Artazum/Shutterstock. Placing your TV on top of the fireplace mantel is a common setup for living rooms with a fireplace and TV.

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2. Recess the TV into the chimney. Get expert help as this can be tricky depending on the construction of your fireplace and chimney. 3. Create a custom frame to recess the TV into - the heat still needs to be considered and materials should be carefully chosen.'. 4.

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The TV is at the opposite end of the room. The focus can be turned to either side. You can see both sides of one room. One side focused on the fireplace and the other on the TV. 3. Side Seat - Set the TV beside the fireplace. You can put the TV at an angle or flat against the wall. You can achieve this either by setting the TV on a stand.

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Center Split. This design creates two separate gathering spaces - one with the television, one without. Either room layout is functional for a variety of entertaining purposes with the fireplace inviting guests to relax on all sides. Having a TV room is perfect for dinner parties including adults and children.