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A good small hosta with heart shape yellow gold leaves and a wavy margin. Good grower both in the ground or a pot. Give some sun for best colour. Similar to - 'Illicit Affair' Size Small Maximum Height 20-25cm Maximum Spread 30-40cm Flower Colour Lavender Position Partial Shade

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1. Whirlwind The leaves of this hosta change colors throughout the season. The heart-shaped, wavy leaves of this plant are a sight to behold in any garden landscape. Height/Width: 18-20 inches; 35-40 inches Colors: Creamy white or lime with dark green margins Sunlight Requirement: Partial to full shade USDA Zone: 3-8 2. Halcyon

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The halcyon hosta is an erect plant growing to about 14 inches tall with heavily textured, heart-shaped blue-green leaves. The waxy texture of the leaves resembles that of seersucker fabric. Unlike some other plants with blue or blueish-green foliage, this one retains its color well without fading in the heat of summer thanks to the waxy coating.

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From 4-inch miniature hostas to 6-foot-wide giant hostas, there's a hosta variety to fit any situation from large borders to tiny rock gardens. Here are just a few: H. fotunei 'Aureo Marginata': Deep-green oval leaves accented by a golden edge. H. x 'Blue Cadet': A small hosta with heart-shaped, bluish leaves. It makes for a nice.

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Soil. Rich and fertile. Spread. 60cm. Ways to Pay: Details FAQ Questions. Raised by Eric Smith, possibly the best blue-leafed Hosta on offer at present. Heart-shaped leaves are so coated with a fine wax film they appear blue. Fine heads of lilac-blue flowers on purplish stems in late summer.

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Great Expectations' broad leaves, this hosta needs more sunlight 'Tokudama Flavocircinalis' hosta has large heart-shaped leaves with white flowers in summer 'Pathfinder' hosta has lovely shaped leaves and grows quite tall, up to 3 feet. 'Paradigm' hosta are another sun loving hosta with changing colours in summer

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Heart Shaped Hosta Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans' HOSS-tah see-bold-ee-AY-nah variety EL-eh-ganz Audio 'Elegans' is a large hosta with deep, smoky blue, slightly frosted heart-shaped foliage. Deep veins give the leaves a corrugated look. White flowers bloom in early spring. Though slugs love hostas, this one is usually spared.

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They are heart-shaped: golden in the centre, with broad, blue-green margins. Early in the season there is more of a greenish look to the plant, but the golden colouring intensifies, becoming the dominant colour (particularly if grown where the sun can shine down upon it for a part of the day).

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One of the best plants for dappled sunlight and shade, there are thousands of hosta varieties to choose from. Of those, we've selected 59 Best Types of Hostas!

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Heart-shaped leaves of a bright, vivid, yellowy-green colour set this hosta apart from many others. The large leaves stand out in partial shade. The foliage of this plant is definitely the main attraction, but the bell-shaped flowers also add interest, growing on stems 75cm long in the summertime.

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With so many different colours and textures available in the genus you can add silver, variegated, heart-shapes, crinkly or smooth leaves to a flower arrangement. Jump to: Best hostas to grow How to grow hostas Grow in moist, fertile soil in light or partial shade. Protect from slugs and snails.

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Oval to heart-shaped, bright green to blue-grey leaves, which can be edged or splashed with white or yellow. The leaves of these hostas can be up to 50cm (20in) long. Tall stems bearing funnel-shaped white, lilac or purple flowers rise above them in summer. Likes

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A deciduous herbaceous perennial which is one of the smaller varieties of hosta. It produces puckered, heart shaped leaves which are blue-green in colour with an irregular central yellow margin turning white. Flowers are white-grey throught the summer. Synonyms. Hosta 'Great Expectations'. Join the RHS today and save 25%.

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Hosta 'Wide Brim'. Heart-shaped green foliage with a cream coloured leaf margin. What you'll need to grow hosta. There really is a Hosta for every garden, and they can be grown successfully in the ground or in a pot. Plant out in the spring or autumn when the Hosta won't need to struggle through high temperatures.