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Free Printable Morning Work Worksheets 1 Week. This is a pdf download of 5 daily worksheets. These are not date specific and can be used any day. They focus on many different review questions. Number writing, addition, subtraction, less than greater than, fractions, conversions, and a few other things including 5 spelling words to study each.

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Check out these new classroom ideas for morning work. Morning Choices. Adam Dovico, an elementary school principal, suggests letting students play an active part in morning work by offering morning choices. He details six choices, ranging from arts and crafts to computer time, all of which promote collaboration and critical-thinking skills.

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Morning work is a great time to allow for math fact practice! Give students an opportunity to work through their math facts in a no-pressure situation and be ready for the math lesson of the day. Use interactive activities and worksheets to review and practice addition facts up to 20 during morning work.

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Journal Writing Morning Work. Early in my career, I thought the best thing to do would be to channel those thoughts into journal writing. Epic fail. Doing journal writing as morning work in my classroom was not successful. My students worked at different paces. Some moved quick. Others appeared to lack a pulse. Many f elt stressed. Several had.

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Soft start morning work simply consists of easy tasks that students can choose to settle into the classroom before academics begin. Soft start assignments may include: coloring pages. puzzles. listening to books. directed drawings. word searches. dot-to-dot.

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A daily journal prompt is another 5th grade morning work idea. Simply show a prompt on your daily slides with timers for classroom and give students time to write. 5 minutes would be a perfect amount of time for students to jot about a few bellwork questions. And those 5 minutes give you time to take attendance or prepare materials for the day.

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25 Easy Morning Bell-Work Ideas. So I decided to break these up into ELA, Math and Social Studies/Science and then all other ideas are listed under General ideas.. MAP ACTIVITIES: Map activities are fun to do for bell work. Begin the year with a structured map and as the year progresses they can create their own. For example, have a map of.

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Sight Words Coloring Pages Spring Activity - Fun Morning Work or Literacy Center. by. Pink Cat Studio. 121. $3.49. Zip. Practice sight words with these fun spring theme coloring pages! This activity is perfect for literacy centers, morning work, early finishers, substitutes or homework. There are 4 pictures included and each picture has 55.

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Many teachers love using printable worksheets for morning work, but there is a place for digital activities in your morning routine too! Whether you're a teacher running a 1:1 classroom, someone who wants to use technology more regularly, or simply reduce paper use, digital activities can come in really handy.

Fun Morning Work Worksheets

Fun has become work, an afterthought, a performance. Fun is now planned, performed, learned. There are books on fun. Coaches for fun. Which means fun is done.

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1. Morning Mad Libs. Morning Mad Libs is one of the most fun games to play in morning meetings. This activity starts the workday off with laughter. To do this activity, one teammate acts as the reader and prompts the other players for certain types of words, like nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

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I want my morning work activities to help set the tone for the day. I don't know how you feel, but as a teacher, I really don't want morning work to be something that I have to later grade, so I have a few fun morning work activities(or bell ringer work) that doesn't involve worksheets or a whole lot of planning! This post is the first in.

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turn in homework. prepare materials for later in the day (cutting, coloring, etc.) if you use a classroom economy for classroom management, have students check balances, buy rewards, etc. 5. Brain Teasers. If your students are up for a challenge, then a brain teaser might be a fun morning work option to start the day.

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9. Brain Puzzles. Challenge young brains by breaking out the brain puzzles! Logic games and critical thinking games are fun, interactive ways for students to get their creative thinking juices flowing as they get warmed up for a great day of learning! Learn More: Mrs. Sheridan Takes Third Grade. 10.


1. Music. Create an office playlist you can share virtually or play during the morning huddle. Invite team members to share their favorite songs or musical genres as you compile your list. Start and end the huddle with your musical mix. Related: 30 Team-Building Ideas for the Workplace. 2. Food and treats.

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Daily Morning Work Worksheets. Children will love our Good Morning mazes with fun activities they can use daily or weekly. Get your kids up and running quickly with our fun to-do learning tools. Teach and practice all 7 days of the week, 12 months of the year, and 31 days on the calendar. Required fields are marked.