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Eye colors and the secrets of makeup color matching

In the captivating realm of makeup, the eyeshadow color wheel stands as a guiding beacon for creating mesmerizing eye looks that pop with vibrancy and allure. Just like a painter's palette, understanding the interplay of colors on the wheel can elevate your eye makeup game to artistic heights.

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The six tertiary colors are vermilion (red-orange), magenta (red-purple), violet (blue-purple), teal (blue-green), chartreuse (yellow-green), and amber (yellow-orange)

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Directly on the opposite side of green on the color wheel is red. To make those beautiful green eyes pop choose colors that have reddish undertones. Green Eyes always benefit from eyeshadow colors with reddish undertones. Use eyeshadow colors in the bronze, reddish-brown, maroon, mahogany, and purples like eggplant.

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Flattering eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes that really bring out their golden warmth include earthy, autumnal shades of gold, bronze and brown—plus they make for the perfect smoky eye. If you're feeling bold, consider reaching for an eyeshadow palette featuring dark pinks, fuchsia and burgundy.

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Eyeshadow color picker Spin the wheel, An eyeshadow color picker is a tool used to help individuals choose the right eyeshadow shade to complement their eye color and skin tone. that you can use to pick a random item from the list: Purple, Blue, Orange, Red, Pink, Green, Brown.

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Eyeshadows Color Wheel: In this tutorial, I will show you how I made a custom eye shadow color wheel using a palette from my personal makeup kit. The palette I'm using has 12 colors, varying from Matt to sparkly. First, I drew a circle, divided it in 12 slices and labeled them. Then I just watched all my eye shadows on a separate piece of paper.

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#1. BLUE EYESHADOW AND CORAL LIPS If you want to hop on the blue eyeshadow trend, do so while wearing a coral lip. Since blue and orange are located across from each other on the color wheel, the two opposite shades pair beautifully together.

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1. Go by the color wheel. A basic rule is to pick complementary colors such as red and green, orange and blue, and yellow and purple. These are the colors that play out each other making the shades stand out giving the perfect pop of color! 2. Choose similar shades.

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GIVEAWAY VIDEO HERE: out this video on the color wheel and my tips for using color in your eye makeup / eyeshadow! Details.

color wheel eyeshadow Google Search Makeup color wheel, Brown eyes

The color wheel is a graphic that represents the colors of the rainbow, arranged in a circle so that colors next to each other are related. It's a tool that artists and designers have used for centuries to understand how colors interact, and it's just as useful for makeup lovers and aspiring artists. Overview of the different colors in the wheel

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So, the best eyeshadow for blue eyes is anything in the orange zone: peach, copper, gold, coral, pink, and warmer browns will make those blue peepers pop. If you want to wear a blue shade, pick something right next door on the color wheel: purple shades, like violet, lilac, or plum. Or green shades, like khaki or olive.

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Step 1: choose the area on the wheel that best represents your eye colour. We'll use me as an example. My eyes are blue. Step 2: look at the colours directly opposite your eye colour on the wheel. You'll see the opposite of my colour is orange which has lots of rusty and golden colours. These colours make blue eyes look brighter.

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Robert Jones is an international celebrity make up artist, founder of the Robert Jones Beauty Academy (, and master o.


The color wheel is a popular tool used in visual art. The wheel allows artists to make their art more appealing to the eye, which can be applied to makeup too! Opposite colors on the wheel emphasize each other the most, meaning eyeshadow colors opposite your eye color will make your eyes more catching. You can find a simple color wheel here, or.

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Here's a video on Color Theory and how to use a Color Wheel. This will help determine what eyeshadow color goes with what other colors. Or, what colors to us.

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Wearing a range of pink shades on your cheeks, lips, and eyes can create a fresh and youthful look. Give your lips the perfect pink with our Lip Tint, an easy-to-apply moisturizing lip color in a range of pinks. We also have a perfect shade of pink to tap across your lids for the ultimate bright eyes—Just a Sec in Baby Pink. Analogous Colors