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The German schmear (in English known as the "German smear") is a technique used to finish or update brick by smearing (hence the name) mortar over the surface. What's the difference between German Schmear and whitewash? A German schmear is a mortar coating applied to brick in patches to create a rustic or antique appearance.

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What Is German Smear? "German smear is a masonry technique that involves applying a thin coat of mortar onto the surface of brick or stone and then smearing it off, leaving behind a textured and whitewashed appearance," Alonzo Perez of Garland, Texas-based Alexander and Xavier Masonry. "This technique has been around for centuries, and it.

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Quick Overview What Is German Schmear? This finishing technique originated in Germany, and it's used to apply a distressed finish to stone surfaces like brick and rock. It's most commonly used on fireplaces and stone exteriors. What Is German Schmear?

How To Create The German Schmear Look Restyled Homes

The term German schmear (or German smear ) has origins in Germany from the word "schmear" meaning " to spread, grease, smear. " Unlike a whitewash, which is typically thin paint or paints thinned with water, the German schmear technique uses a thick medium. Mortar is the traditional medium, or use paint for a faux treatment.

How To Create The German Schmear Look Restyled Homes

German smear mimics the look of irregular stones and heavy mortar joints, a style often found on centuries-old cottages and castles throughout northern Germany. The technique is akin to.

How To Create The German Schmear Look Restyled Homes

The German schmear technique involves applying thin coats of mortar onto the brick surface and smearing it off. This leaves a white and textured coat on the brick, making it look like white paint. How To Apply German Schmear. While it may look like a difficult process, applying German schmear can be quite simple. Because of its thickness, you.

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Schmear is a word of Germanic origin, equivalent to "smear" or "spread" (usually fat or butter). In some Germanic languages, the cognate of smear itself means butter (c.f. smör/smør in the North Germanic languages ).

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There are many videos showing techniques to do a German smear on a house, but all seem to leave out some crucial details. Through trial and error we found t.

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Today I'm going to show how to make a DIY German smear/schmear white washed brick wall with a tutorial and video. Basically, German smear copies the look of white morter over red brick and gives the brick a whitewashed effect. I made my German smear whitewashed plaster walls on both a faux brick wall and a genuine red brick wall so you can.

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Step 1: Prep the Space As with nearly any DIY project, prep work is vital. Working with mortar can be a bit messy, so you will want to assure that your floors and walls are well protected before you start refinishing the fireplace (Image 1). Remove any trim around the brick (Image 2).

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The end result will be a charming brick appearance that's reminiscent of old Europe. German smear is a copycat version of irregular stones and mortar joints, a style that is regularly found on German cottages and buildings that are hundreds of years old. Instead of using paint, the process involves covering the bricks with a layer of wet mortar.

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Does your home's exterior need a makeover? These photos of German Schmear makeovers (also called German smear) will inspire you to update your brick home! Does your brick exterior need an update? These 6 home exteriors were freshened up with a timeless look.

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Quick note + PRICE. A true german smear uses a sand mixture (mortar) to cover the brick while a whitewash uses a thinned-out paint mixture to cover the brick exterior. Since I love a thick, slathered brick I opted for the German Smear. Also, a whitewash application requires maintenance since exterior painted surfaces always weathers and fades.

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Large bucket White mortar mix Mixer Large sponge Heavy duty drop cloth What you'll do: In a large bucket, mix white mortar and water. Add the mortar slowly, mixing until you have a mud-like consistency. Apply the mortar mix to your brick using a large sponge and be sure to apply to the joints as well.

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Tired of your old brick? Then the German Smear finish is for you! It's a relatively easy way to breathe some life back into a boring brick wall and add some old-world charm to your home. The German Schmear finish is a type of mortar wash. It involves troweling mortar onto a brick wall and then wiping some of it off to expose parts of the brick.

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"German schmear is a very specific technique where you take a thick mortar paste and 'schmear' or smear it over your masonry surface," says Vaccaro. It was first introduced in Germany in the 1500s as a way to finish walls made of brick and stone.